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The Impact of Surface Obstructions

Surface geometries are typically neglected in Test and Evaluation studies due to the resources required to properly simulate or model these smaller details. However, Engineering & Scientific Innovations (ESI) studies have clearly shown the importance of these small scale obstructions, often referred to as clutter and the need to evaluate their presence before committing to the fabrication of a simulator.

The Impact of Surface Obstructions image1

An examination of the adjacent generic aircraft engine nacelle quickly highlights the various types of clutter present.

Clutter can be classified as being either:

– attached or integrated into a surface, or

-standing freely off the surface.

Velocity surveys acquired downstream of a clutter element highlight the effects.


The Impact of Surface Obstructions image2The Impact of Surface Obstructionsimage3





Both the mean velocity and turbulent intensity profiles show the lasting effect at different spatial location relative to a fixed reference point.