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Fluid Dynamic Studies


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Aero-Optics Effects due to Turbulence

Flow Effectiveness of Laser drilled Plates

Fluid-Structure Interactions at Supersonic Speeds

Fluid-Structure Interactions at Subsonic Speeds

Liquid Slosh in Confined Containers

Flow Balance Within a Gaseous Fuel Manifold

Flow Field Measurements in a Confined Duct

The Impact of Surface Obstructions

Aerodynamic Induced Oscillations of Bluff Bodies

One of Engineering & Scientific Innovations (ESI) core technical areas is Fluid Dynamics. Since most flows of practical interest are turbulent, ESI engineers have developed a significant knowledge base in turbulent fluid dynamics. While a significant amount of work at ESI involves turbulent transport and fluid mixing, the impact of turbulence on aero-acoustics, and aero-elasticity has become ever increasing activity at ESI.

Our staff has experience in both single phase and multiphase flows with flow speeds ranging from a few cm/second to Mach 6 and with studies being performed at both full and laboratory scales. Most of the Research &Development conducted at ESI involves experimentation and laboratory testing. ESI utilizes computational techniques, such as CFD as a design tool. Then using the experimental data validates the model producing a cost effective solution.

The following section provide a brief overview of typical Fluid Dynamic activities at ESI.

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